Digital curation of Crest Choice Chicken’s brand

Crest Choice Chicken entrusts RED Marketing with the digital curation of its brand – a leading force in the poultry industry offering a diverse range of over 50 different product lines. Spearheaded by visionary marketing expert Daniel Calbacho, RED Marketing boasts a dynamic global presence, operating in both London and South Africa, and standing at the forefront of digital marketing innovation.

Marketing and branding services: At RED Marketing, our committed team strategically positions Crest Choice Chicken within the competitive landscape of the poultry market. Through meticulous branding endeavours, we articulate its unique value proposition, fostering a deep connection with its discerning audience. By crafting a strategic narrative, our goal is to elevate Crest Choice Chicken’s profile, spotlighting its extensive array of fresh, frozen, crumbed and value-added chicken products. We aim not only to heighten the brand’s visibility but also to cultivate an authentic connection with its diverse consumer base.

Website development: Moving beyond the ordinary, RED Marketing specialises in crafting a tailored digital home for Crest Choice Chicken. This exclusive platform revolves around user-friendly design and functionality, ensuring regular updates, dynamic content refreshes and the integration of cutting-edge features. Our commitment to maintaining a contemporary online presence guarantees that visitors embark on a seamless and engaging journey, effortlessly exploring Crest Choice Chicken’s extensive product offerings.

With a robust track record of collaboration across diverse sectors, RED Marketing ensures that Crest Choice Chicken’s online presence effectively communicates its unique value proposition. Our dedicated approach drives success, fosters community engagement, and firmly establishes Crest Choice Chicken as a distinguished name in the poultry industry. Tailoring strategies to align with the specific needs of Crest Choice Chicken, we forge lasting connections with its audience and consistently enhance its position in the market. In essence, RED Marketing’s partnership with Crest Choice Chicken epitomises a commitment to digital excellence.

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